Lürssen – Launching of Madsummer

Lürssen launched project Fiji from the floating dock 28 months after her keel was laid in 2016. During the ceremony, the yacht was named Madsummer.

The Lürssen family and company are deeply aware of the need to protect not only the world’s oceans and coastlines, but the entire global ecology and climate. In cooperation with our clients, we consistently apply our innovative resources to reduce the environmental impact of our yachts. For example, recent vessels feature a new compact silencer with integrated SCR filter and additional soot filter to lower NOx, soot and noise emissions below current regulatory limits.

In addition, Lürssen is the first yacht-builder to utilize waste engine heat to operate a vessel’s onboard desalination system for drinking water. We continue to invest substantially in research of energy technologies that promise a major step forward in sustainability, such as fuel cells and hybrid-concepts. But our interest in protecting the environment goes beyond the vessels we build: Lürssen is a major contributor to the marine biodiversity conservation organization Blue Marine Foundation.

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