Golf in Brazil

Brazil has excellent golf greens in its top travel destinations. Sao Paulo has dozens of golf clubs and greens. Rio de Janeiro – and its surroundings: Angra dos Reios, Buzios – has also world class golf. Iguassu Falls (in the inland south) and Manaus (at the heart of the Amazon) offer also top golf opportunities. And Bahia has some of the greatest greens of the nation in Trancoso, Costa do Sauipe or Comandatuba Island. There are around 100 clubs registered with the Brazilian Golf Federation, and 40 of them are located in the country's wealthiest state, São Paulo. Another 10 of the clubs are registered with the Rio de Janeiro Federation. The Brazilian Golf Federation (Confederação Brasileira de Golfe – CBG) and the have information on golf clubs and driving ranges throughout Brazil. In Brazil, golf is a year-round sport. Although there is an official season which generally runs from February or March (depending upon Carnival) until November, this may vary from club to club. In São Paulo, the rainy season is December and January, with downpours almost every day in late afternoon or early evening.

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