Health A-listers Celebrate Grand Opening of CHEVALA Wellness Hua Hin

Thai Health A-listers Celebrate Grand Opening of CHEVALA Wellness Hua Hin - TRAVELINDEX - FABULOUSTHAILAND.comHua Hin, Thailand, August 3, 2022 / TRAVELINDEX / The latest innovative medical hub offers comprehensive wellness and beauty programs at a world-class resort, taking high-end retreat to the next level with Thailand’s first medical-grade wellness innovation center. Thailand’s leading doctors in wellness and aesthetic medicine launched CHEVALA Wellness Hua Hin, the latest Wellness Innovation destination. In collaboration with InterContinental Hua Hin Resort, “CHEVALA Wellness Hua Hin,” Thailand’s first premium medical wellness center, exclusively developed comprehensive wellness and beauty programs that include health restoration activities and an accommodation package at the world-class beachfront resort, creating the ultimate health and beauty vacation destination.

The celebrity-packed grand opening attracted Thailand’s A-listers including Suquan ‘Kwan’ Bulakul, Sikanya ‘Pau’ Saktidej Bhanubanh, Nachanok ‘Golf’ Rattanataros, Jay Spencer, Jareyadee ‘Ple’ Spencer, Manasanun ‘Ann’ Naklada, Anucha ‘Meng’ Lertsapanant, Onchuma ‘Fay’ Durongdej, Pitipat ‘Ti’ Preedanont, Patinya ‘Guitar’ Kyokong, Suwara ‘Ming’ Sanitwong na Ayutthaya, Jarospan ‘Jui’ Svastiwat Na Ayutthaya, Jongjin ‘Jin’ Jungsura, Virakarn ‘Maprang’ Seneetantikul and Patson ‘Pat’ Sarindu. The top socialites celebrated the destination for a body and mind healing experience exclusively designed by medical specialists.

CHEVALA Wellness Hua Hin introduced five holistic health and beauty programs for comprehensive health restoration 1) Long Covid Recovery Program 2) Anti-Aging Program 3) Immune Booster 4) Detoxification and 5) Cardiovascular Strengthening Program. Equipped with the latest wellness technology and medical-grade equipment, each program is fully customizable based on health checkup results and the doctor’s recommendations, delivering noticeable results from the first treatment. The beautifully designed wellness innovation center targets health-conscious customers who look to revive their physical and mental health, while relaxing at the beachfront paradise.

At the CHEVALA Grand Opening event, Dr. Ratkawin Jitawatanarat, an American Board of hematology and medical oncology; anti-aging specialist, said “Nowadays, the practice of preventive medicine to prevent disease and restore patient well-being is rising in popularity. Therefore, we created ‘CHEVALA’ to become the country’s first comprehensive medical wellness center. CHEVALA is the ultimate medical hub that promotes all aspects of well-being. Our center combines medical expertise, science-backed technology, and luxurious wellness practices to create a tailor-made healthy living. With the support from InterContinental Hua Hin Resort, we developed unique health and wellness programs that include exclusive activities and an accommodation package at the resort. Our center uses only world-class equipment and innovative technology to offer Thailand’s first premium medical and beauty programs at an ultra-luxurious resort. We want to give our international and local customers the best-in-class service to help them restore their body, mind, and soul.”

According to Dr. Ratkawin, CHEVALA Wellness Hua Hin offers 5 exclusively designed health programs. This year’s highlighted program is the Long Covid Recovery Program, CHEVALA signature program which aims to treat Long Covid symptoms such as fatigue. The package includes Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) which involves breathing 100% pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber. The therapy helps promote healing at the cellular level, revitalizing the energy level. It has been proven effective in treating headaches, boosting immunity, reducing swelling and bruises as well as promoting overall skin healing. HBOT is the therapy that many global A-listers swear by. The highly raved pure oxygen chamber is now available at CHEVALA Wellness Hua Hin.

There are four more featured programs at CHEVALA. 1) Anti-Aging Program: featuring IV laser, IV vitamin therapy, and weight management plan that includes yoga training and exercise program with personal trainers 2) Immune Booster Program: a course incorporating a variety of treatments. Using Japan’s latest technology, the doctor will analyze the NK cell levels both pre and post-treatment to provide personalized treatment aimed to boost immunity. 3) Detox Program: deeply excreting toxins and heavy metals from the body using chelation therapy treatment. 4) Cardiovascular Strengthening Program: a comprehensive program to keep the heart young and healthy.

High-profile celebrity and television personality Suquan ‘Kwan’ Bulakul, who is always on the move, talked about how health technology helped her maintain a healthy lifestyle despite her busy schedule, “Nowadays, women have taken on multiple roles to meet work and family responsibilities. Sometimes, working long hours with uncertain schedules and not getting enough sleep affect my health and well-being. I’m interested in programs that integrate innovations to help release deep tiredness, boost immunity, and refresh my body and skin. World-class technology can help heal your body at the cellular level, showing visible before and after results. With doctors giving me consultations at every step, I can rest assured that I am in good hands.”

Top celebrity and health aficionado Jareyadee Spencer talked about her healthy lifestyle, “Hua Hin has always been my to-go getaway to spend quality time with my family and friends. I am very excited that there is a new medical wellness center here. After trying out some of CHEVALA’s unique programs, I can say that this is the ultimate health and beauty destination. The personalized programs are designed to target different needs based on your health results and the doctor’s recommendations. CHEVALA is the new hottest spot for health enthusiasts out there.”

CHEVALA Wellness Hua Hin, the integrated health destination, offers a half-day to 8-day medical and wellness journey to fully revive the body, mind, and soul. Each program is under a supervision of a doctor and is fully customizable with the option to choose the treatment, length, and target results to meet every lifestyle. The full course includes chef-prepared meals and a room at InterContinental Hua Hin Resort. Packages start at 9,500 baht.

CHEVALA Wellness Hua Hin is now fully open to the public. Adjacent to InterContinental Hua Hin Resort, the new wellness innovation destination at Bluport Hua Hin Mall offers unique medical programs with next-level customer service. For more information, please call 096 919 2190

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