Alain St. Ange Making News Around the World

Alain St. Ange Making News Around the World

Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles, December 8, 2020 / TRAVELINDEX / The recent announcement that tourism personality Alain St. Ange had retired from politics was reported on in the four corners of the world.

In the Americas Bea Broda, producer/Writer/Host/Speaker from BC Pictures, multimedia/TV network published a “Note from editor” that said: ‘In my travels as a TV producer of travel shows, I have found Alain St.Ange to be incredibly beneficial to the global tourism industry with his outlook both towards tourism and also to what makes a country run peacefully and advantageous for all. While he is retiring from pursuing politics, it is admirable that he undertook the establishment of a party with excellent objectives, and I know we will see him emerge again as a positive force in tourism’.

So many similar sentiments have popped up every where with the hope that this tourism personality’s experience and know-how continues to play an active part in global tourism as that industry fights to prepare for a relaunch post COVID-19.

St.Ange has shown he thinks outside the box and is innovative. It is said that Africa needs his dynamic approach today but the whole world is also today desperate to see how the new normal can accommodate tourism as the industry can relaunch many an economy in the Community of Nation.

The world needs its tourism professionals to be called on as the relaunch of tourism is planned. Alain St.Ange is one such known tourism personality.

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